Coho Family Medicine

Medical care from Infant to elderly.

School physicals and DOT.
In house blood draws

Coho Family Medicine


Chronic Ongoing Medical Conditions,
Orthopedic, Psychiatric and Gynecologic issues.


Our goal is comfort and reassurance that your health care is important to Us.

Our clinic is proud to offer our patients with many in house labs. Most of our labs can be processed during your appointment time. Our medical staff is certified in phlebotomy and lab processing. Dr. Parker is appreciative of our patients’ time and want to provide care efficiently for their quality of life. Some of the labs processed during your appointment include CMP, lipid panel, and liver panel and UA analysis.

Preventative care is one of our main goals with patients. We offer immunizations for well child checks and for adults. Every year we provide the latest flu vaccine. We have kept Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine available with outbreaks in Alaska.

Besides providing preventative care, our clinic wants to provide all of your care. Dr. Parker is well trained in many outpatient procedures. Dr. Parker performs no scalpel vasectomy, circumcision, ingrown toenail removal and skin biopsy. Dr. Parker feels true consistent care is complete care of the patient.

Dr. Parker wants all the patients to be comforted in knowing that if they are sick, Dr. Parker will provide a same day appointment. Included in addressing patient’s acute issues, if a patient’s illness is requiring hospitalization Dr. Parker admits and rounds on his patients. Some weekends Dr. Parker works in the hospital for Matsu Regional Medical Center, covering two twelve hour shifts of hospitalist work on the floor.

Maintenance of your health is another one of our goals. Dr. Parker renews medications, reviews lab results, works the best combination medications at low cost to patients, orders imaging/diagnostic testing and directs referrals to specialties when needed.